Artist’s Explanation

Liberty is one the founding principles of both America and Israel, since their independence until today. Both countries build their value system based on liberty for all it’s citizens, while creating a society that champions freedom – freedom of religion, ethnicity, education and culture.

This artwork is made up of different colored blocks mounted around and on top of each other. Only with all the blocks together can the word ‘LIBERTY’ be created in the three main languages spoken in Israel – Hebrew, Arabic and English. This combination creates a three dimensional delight of color, language and typography. Words are what we use to build a common society – developing the way we speak to one another and understanding each other’s background and culture. Liberty is the basis for all societies, and only together – with the overlapping of the languages – can we strive to give a unique and deeper meaning to our society. Only when the letters are combined together to create words, can the combination of sounds express our true selves.

The artwork will be constructed out of colorful pieces of metal and glass that will be layered upon each other to allow light to shine through the various letters and illuminate the layers from different angles.

September 16, 2016